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Our company, D.A.Consortium Holdings Inc., was established in October 2016 as a joint holding company of D.A.Consortium Inc.(DAC) and IREP Co., Ltd.

Ever since the online advertising market emerged in this society, it has continued to evolve drastically during the past 20 years. Even now, the digital technology are constantly taking place in a relentless pace. The online advertising and the digital marketing are both expected to change even more rapidly hereafter.

To be able to keep up with those changes, and to maximize the value of the services we deliver to the publishers, advertising agencies, advertisers, and users, it is crucial more than ever, to go ahead of time, go beyond the boundaries of our business fields and expand our business globally by using the right technology. The ultimate goal of our joint holding company is to become part of this new era by optimizing the resources of our group and maximizing its power.

DAC mostly deals with publishers and advertising agencies, and IREP’s clients are advertisers. As we have always done in the past, we are willing to deliver greater values within the digital society by interacting with each customer in a faithful manner.

The online advertising market is growing by double-digits every year. In order to survive in this ever-changing, ever-growing digital society, we must always be flexible, and be willing to grow and change the way we operate. We are determined to take a big step forward by challenging the industry, and creating new values with the power of digital technologies.